Metal Manager

As a metal company you play an important role in a long supply chain. You not only have to have insight in your own business management but also take into account suppliers. They affect your success and vice versa. It is therefore crucial to always maintain a global overview. Metal Manager assists you every step of the way.

Manage everything centrally

Metal Manager is an ERP system that manages all business processes in one place. At a glance you get an overview of your offers, planning and invoices and very easily follow-up on suppliers. It is the first step towards automation and that saves a lot of paperwork. Beneficial to this system is that you can start small and that it tailored to the sector specific needs of the metal and manufacturing industry.

More effectiveness through optimal workflow

A centralized view allows you to optimize business processes, be more efficient, cut costs, reduce paperwork and communicate better with customers or suppliers. Thanks to notifications when things you go wrong, you can instantly do adjustments and prevent errors and delays in production. This results in a better market position, flawless chain collaboration and excellent customer relations. Therefore, with Metal Manager you are more future-proof. What is incredibly important in a sector where the competitive game is played increasingly harder.

More insight creates growth

ESC is an IT partner with extensive and proven expertise in ERP systems. With Metal Manager we focus entirely on the metal and manufacturing industry. Our software ensures a digital interaction between all business departments and automatically converts scattered data into valuable information.

How much turnover do we spend per customer? Are our machines cost-effective? Can we expedite an order? With a few mouse clicks, the system answers all your questions. You can easily and quickly build a clear report thanks to these insights. In this way you not only get a clear image of your daily work, but also know which pain points need to be tackled to be able to grow.

Welke functies heeft Metal Manager?

  • Production management: quotation management, order processing and planning.  
  • Financial management:accounting, calculations and reporting.  
  • Inventory management: purchasing, warehousing and logistics.  

Metal Manager is a handy software package that perfectly meets the needs of the metal and manufacturing industry. As to prevent mistakes or delays during the production process, make realistic price estimations, increase cost efficiency through optimal warehouse management and in-depth insight into your most important KPIs.

Reliability and Usability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Metal Manager is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a complete software package for SMEs with more than 100,000 users worldwide. And includes a specific module for the metal and manufacturing industry. It is a reliable, safe and user-friendly solution to simplify the management of your company and gain more insight. From administration to reporting: you only need one program to oversee everything. It also works flawlessly on any device and is compatible with all Microsoft products.

How can we help you?

Choose more efficiency and maneuverability. Our experts are in touch with the metal and manufacturing industry and can help think about how your business processes can be optimized. We are happy to design a tailor-made solution for your company.

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