Safer Internet day! Hier 10 eenvoudige acties die iedereen kan doen ...

dinsdag, 6 februari, 2018
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... om van het internet (en dus ook uw organisatie) een veiligere plek te maken.


Met het doel om van het internet een veiligere, aangenamere omgeving voor iedereen te maken, volgen hier 10 snelle tips om aan uw veiligere online reis te beginnen:


Safeguard your devices from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software by keeping your software current and up to date.

Your data is valuable – shield sensitive information with strong passwords, and remember to keep them secret. Back up your data regularly, and often.

Viruses, spyware, bots, Trojan horses, worms, hoaxes phishing attacks – there are many online risks, ans knowing about them and educating yourself and others is crucial to help avoiding them.Think before you open attachments or click on links in emails, even if appear to know the sender.

Sharing personal information without thinking can expose you to serious risks such as identity theft, fraud, and online stalking. Be mindful and cautious of what (and where) you post online.

Phishing scams, malware, and data breaches are commonly used by online thieves to collect your personal information and data. This information can be used to illegally impersonate you, and defraud you. treat suspicious emails and social network posts and messages with caution.

We’re sharing more information than ever before, in businesses, at school, and at home. Use a secure, password protected platform to share files, while keeping data safe.

Internet safety begins with you. Stay away from websites that look suspect or unsafe. If in doubt, don’t click, don’t share the site with others, and make sure not to provide any information that may be asked of you.

When you’re shopping online, look for assurances that the website will secure your transaction and keep your payment details safe. Never pay your bills, shop, or carry out online banking tasks on a public computer, or public Wi-Fi network (such as a coffee shop).

Every time you open a webpage, you’re using a browser. No matter what your browser choice, it’s important that you’re using the latest version, to ensure you’re protected against all of the latest threats, while taking advantage of newer security and privacy features.

Are you worried that your children are spending too much time on the internet? Warn them about online risks such as online bullying, and help protect them with security software and online safety tools.


Want voorkomen is beter dan genezen. Doe dus regelmatig een healthcheck van uw organisatie. Meten is weten. Na een uitgebreide security/privacy audit geven onze experts u een gedetailleerde analyse van uw organisatie. Een blauwdruk van de actuele status uw ICT ... én bovenal voorzien van alle must-do actiepunten. Deze lijst is ook zeer handig met het oog op de komende GDPR / AVG regelgeving. Deze audit is een must voor elke organisatie die slim (en veilig) wil blijven groeien.

SOURCE : Microsoft EU Reporter


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